The Best Baseball Stadiums In The World

Baseball is a sport for the ages, and perhaps more than many US sports, the stadium itself often makes or breaks the fans’ experience of the game.

Many of the best baseball stadiums exude a sense of nostalgia, and fans are treated to a sense of the greats that have pitched and swung on the field before them.

Here’s an overview of the ten baseball stadiums from around the world that stand out the most.

San Diego

Petco Park in San Diego is a chilled-out stadium with an old-school atmosphere. The low stands, proximity of the stands to the field and beautiful San Diego Skyline make it one of the top stadiums in baseball.

The Western Metal Supply Co Building embedded in Left Field really adds to the atmosphere and reminds fans of a time when baseball was truly a sport for the working man.

PNC Park Pittsburgh

It’s a picturesque stadium, bracketed by the harbour on one side and the core of the city on the other.

The PNC Park is an intimate venue – it only seats 38000, and with the furthest seat 88 feet from field, it’s extremely fan-friendly.

Dodgers’ Stadium

There’s not a bad seat in the house at the Dodgers stadium – every spectator gets a great view of the playing field. New ownership and heavy investment means Dodgers fans now enjoy close-up replays via two fantastic HD jumbotrons, free WiFi, and of course, an ample supply of the (in)famous DodgerDogs.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the home of the Boston Red Sox, and it absolutely drips old-school nostalgia.

It’s home to iconic baseball landmarks such as the Pesky Pole, named after legendary former Sox player and broadcaster Johnny Pesky, and the Green Monster, which is a 37 foot hundred-year-old large green wall in left field that’s a popular target for right-handed hitters.

The hand operated scoreboard is a fantastic touch and despite pressure to upgrade, the Sox’s owners have made sure that the stadium stays true to the roots of the game.

Safeco Field

Safeco Field hosts the Seattle Mariners and up to 48,000 fans on a good day. Another retro-modern stadium, Safeco Field oozes quality. With sightlines specifically tailored to the game of baseball, asymmetric field measurements and a luxurious array of food and drink, this stadium is top-tier.

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field has been home to the Chicago Cubs for close to a century. Nicknamed the “Friendly Confines”, Wrigley field is the only remaining Federal League park.

The stadium itself is known for it’s ivy-covered brick wall in the outfield, and the unmistakable red marquee over the entrance. The irregular wind patterns originating from Lake Michigan keep players on their toes, pulling the ball off-target unexpectedly.

Yankee Stadium

The Yankee stadium is an impressive beast. It offers fantastic views of the field from every seat, and hosts one of the best home-fan atmospheres in the world.

For tourists who want the complete New York experience, a Yankees game on their home turf is a must-see.

Tokyo Dome, Tokyo

Baseball has been huge in Japan for several decades, and the premier stadium in the country does the sport justice.

Home to the Yomiuri Giants, the Tokyo Dome is an impressive modern venue wrought from steel and glass that seats 55,000 people. It is home to the Japanese Baseball Hall Of Fame, which lets fans learn about the sport’s history in a very non-American country.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Home to the Baltimore Orioles, Oriole Park does “low-key” better than perhaps any other stadium.

It’s large but yet cosy, and despite being a modern build, it has a very traditional ambience.

Fans repeatedly label it a “real ballpark”, which we put down to its retro look combined with modern amenities.

AT&T Park San Francisco

Arguably one of the best baseball stadiums in existence, The AT&T Park in San Francisco has it all. The Giants’ home boasts a great location right on the bay, with fantastic views, concessions, and beer selection. A beautiful brick exterior and views of the bay in the background make a Giants game a truly complete baseball experience.

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