XBlades Adrenaline 19 boots


A built-in XPLODE foam heel wedge allows you to stand your ground and fight, reducing fatigue all game long. It is concealed within the soleplate ensuring it doesn’t take up excess moisture and remains as light as a feather. The ultralightweight supercell construction is a unique fabric blend, that gives Adrenaline the power to take flight.

Make the decision to dominate, find your Adrenaline.

Key Features

Ultralight Low Profile Bladed Sole -No matter the conditions, the low-profile bladed soles provide all year round comfort. The lightweight construction makes the sole a perfect partner for the long distance runner.
Xplode Foam 10MM Wedge – Burst out of the blocks and run with explosive power with our new XPLODE foam. The high energy foam wedge cushions impact while running, reduces fatigue and minimises risk of lower limb injuries.
Supercell Construction – Born for electrifying speed, the supercell mesh reduces weight load allowing for an ultralight, fatigue reducing construction
Poron Innersole -Relieves pressure on the feet by providing additional padding and cushioning in high stress areas. By absorbing this impact, the innersole reduces lower limb fatigue.



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