Lawn Bowls Online: A Resource For Bowlers

Lawn bowls has long been popular on the Australian sporting scene. Although far from a classic action-filled spectator sport, lawn bowls has had a firm and consistent following over several decades, and it continues to grow in popularity, gaining new players young and old from a variety of backgrounds.

Here are some online resources for enthusiastic fans and bowlers.

Bowls Australia – the National Body for Lawn Bowls

The National Lawn Bowls website is a wealth of information for all things bowls related, and it’s probably the site you should visit first. You’ll be able to find detailed information on both national and international competitions.

There’s also a rundown of the current Australian bowls squad – the Jackaroos – with detailed profiles, interviews and and histories for each bowler.

The E-store stocks DVDs, apparel and manuals for rules, coaching and umpiring.

Australian Tournaments And Events

The premier resource for Australian lawn bowls events is It’s an unofficial site, put together by one of the sports truest fans, Wayne Gale. It’s a collection of the latest bowls events around the country, and clubs can submit their competitions and tournaments and obtain free listing. With healthy numbers of monthly site visits, it’s one way for smaller events to draw some extra spectators.

Buying Bowling Equipment Online

Finally, if you’re looking to buy your bowls and bowling kit online, there are several online stores that can serve your needs without breaking the bank. At our own store, Catalogue and Club, we aim to offer you absolutely first-rate equipment alongside plenty of affordable options.

If you’re looking for lawn bowls made to the highest quality, and you also like the idea of buying Australian-manufactured bowls – then look no further than Aero Bowls. They’re the number one selling bowl in Australia, and are exported for international use in the US, UK and several other countries in Europe.

An alternative choice is Henselite, which are also considered very high quality bowls. Like Aero Bowls, they’re both made Australia and exported worldwide.

We’re happy to be a Stockist for both Aero Bowls and Henselite bowls – we offer bowls from both brands in our online store.


When it comes to first learning the rules and getting the hang of the sport, your best bet is to try your local lawn bowls club.

Get involved in a few beginner games and you’ll quickly get your head around the sport, and there will almost certainly be experienced players and club members who are willing to take the time to explain the finer points of the rules. is perhaps the best site for finding a suitable club nearby.

Australian Lawn Bowls For The Youngsters

Although sometimes stereotyped as a sport for the oldies, lawn bowls attracts players from across all age ranges. Just a quick look at the Australian national team reveals several top players in their twenties. Bowls is a great alternative sport for youngsters, especially those with strategic minds who may not be drawn to the classic contact-heavy Australian sports.

There are a number of ways young people can get involved in lawn bowls. The first and most obvious move is to contact your local lawn bowls club, which should be welcoming and will probably run dedicated games for younger bowlers. Again, find it through the directory.

If youngsters want to find out more they can head on over to the Young Australians Lawn Bowls Academy, aptly found on – you guessed it – Facebook.

With any luck, that’s given you more than enough resources to sink your teeth into. Bowls is a game that’s very easy to get started with, yet has more than enough depth to keep fans returning and players honing their skills for years. Fortunately, Australia is one of the best places in the world to take up or follow the sport.

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