Kids Cricket Bat Sizes Guide

Junior Cricket Bats come in a number of different standard sizes. Here’s a list of the junior cricket bat sizes available, and the corresponding height of the player that each is best suited to.

Size 0 – This is the smallest size of bat available, best suited to youngsters under four feet tall (122cm). Generally that means kids aged about four years or younger.

Size 1 – Suited to children in the 4’ to 4’3” height range (122-130cm), these bats are perfect for kids aged 4-5 years old.

Size 2 – This size is ideal for kids 4’3”( 130cm ) to 4’6” (137cm) tall, with typical ages of 6-7 years.

Size 3 – Suited to children between 4’6” ( 137cm) and 4’9” (144cm) in height. Typically these bats are right for 8 year olds.

Size 4 – Suited to kids between 4’9” (144cm) and 4’11” (150cm) in height, which corresponds to kids aged 9-10 years old.

Size 5 – Fit for kids between 4’11”(150cm) and 5’2” (157cm), size 5’s are aimed at kids aged 10-11.

Size 6 – Size 6 bats suit players between the heights of 5’2” (157cm) and 5’4” 163cm), within an age range of 12-13.

The Harrow is designed for players between 5’4” (163cm) and 5’8” (168cm) tall, aged between 13 and 15.

Beyond the Harrow, there are several larger sizes for players aged 15 and above – essentially, the adult-size cricket bats. They’re the Small Mens, the Short Handle, and the Long Handle – any of which may be appropriate for taller teens.

Although these size guides should give you a good idea of what bat to buy for your child, they’re by no means the last word on the subject. The measurements used are average heights, and as we all know, children often don’t conform to the textbook numbers.

Luckily, there’s a very effective way of determining if a given bat is the right size for your child. Have them stand upright with good posture and arms loose, hands by their side. Stand the cricket bat upright next to them, outside the leg but inside the hand. If it’s the right size, the top of the handle should come up to where the wrist begins – that is, the area where a watch strap lies. If the handle doesn’t reach that far, then the bat’s too short, and ideally you should go with a larger one.

That should give you a good idea of how to go about finding the right sized cricket bat for a junior cricketer. Make the right selection and you’ll set your child up with a quality bat that will last them the season and see them rack up plenty of runs, four’s and six’s.

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