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Shop a huge range of footwear accessories including studs, shoelaces and more!
There’s nothing worse than running on to the field and realising your shoes are down a stud or two!

Luckily, Catalogue & Club Sports Warehouse stock an enormous range of footwear accessories including replacement studs, shoelaces, sole inserts and more, so you can keep your shoes feeling comfortable year-round.

We can ship them directly to your door for a small, flat rate fee of $10 Australia-wide. Your shoes will be back up and running in no time.

Catalogue & Club stock Asics Metal Tip Studs which provide great traction for cricket shoes, especially when playing on softer surfaces. Customise your Asics by combining these with Asics Soft Resin Studs for the ideal platform on which to perform. We’ll provide a pack of twelve, so you’ll be set for the season!

We also have regular aluminium suds for the low price of 70c each. Purchase them individually or grab a bag of 100 for $55.

Looking for basic shoelaces to go with any pair of shoes? We have a range of lengths and colours in shoelaces, so there are no shoes left laceless on the field.

Need your new footwear accessories ASAP? Shop online now and we can have your items shipped within three business days. Low flat rate of $10 Australia-wide!”

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