Screw In Football Boots

Get a better grip on the field with screw in football boots – shop now!

Unsure whether to go with screw in football boots or moulded?

Both kinds of boots have their advantages. However, screw in boots have a couple of winning benefits!

Screw in football boots have studs (usually nylon, aluminium or otherwise) that screw into the sole plate of the shoe. The length of the studs can be changed at any time to give you more or less grip on the field.

Another benefit is that worn studs can be replaced, so you can refresh your football boots when you feel you’re losing grip or comfort on the field.

Never slip or slide on wet grass again. Lock into some screw in football boots.

Shop online now with Catalogue & Club Sports Warehouse and we’ll get your new footy boots to your door for a flat rate of $10 Australia-wide.

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