Moulded Football Boots

Shop our range of moulded football boots, available at competitive prices.

Tossing up between moulded football boots and screw ins?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but moulded boots have some major benefits for people who play on harder grounds.

Moulded football boots are much better suited to harder fields. They’re designed for surfaces where there is limited give and are usually worn on artificial and synthetic pitches.

Moulded boots are also less likely to get stuck in the turf like regular studs can, so moulded boots can reduce the chances of twisting ankles or knees.

The ideal scenario is for the football players to own a pair of boots for all conditions – you never know what turf you’re going to end up on! However, moulded boots are a safe bet for most, providing support and reducing chances of injuries.

Keen to get some moulded footy boots as soon as possible? Shop online now and we’ll send your new boots direct to your door for a flat rate of $10 Australia-wide. Shop now!

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